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Fruit, Fruit and Cheese Party Catering and Wedding Receptions

Posted on Wed, May 16, 2012 @ 01:27 PM

Summer is around the corner and that means fabulous fresh fruit is here! Nothing can add more color to corporate breakfast or lunch catering, banquets, or wedding receptions like sweet fresh fruit. With so many varieties, so many colors, so many flavors available this time of year, just about any combination will create an eye-appealing presentation. And, because there are so many ways to add fruit to your menu, every catering menu can support the burst of color and freshness.

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fruit catering breakfastBreakfast Fruit Catering

Office breakfast catering is typically pastry, juice, coffee and maybe fruit.  Fresh fruit can be made in to a salad, fresh fruit cup or prepared in sliced for a fresh fruit tray. The goal is to have different shapes, colors and sizes on the platter to make it look better.

Plated Meal Service Breakfast Lunch or Dinner Catering

A fresh fruit salad added in place of a traditional garden or dinner salad works well during the hot summer months and can be preset on guest tables to add color to the overall place setting your guests will see when they walk into the venue or party hall.  Fresh fruit can be more economical than a garden green salad, depending on what fruit you’re wanting.Fruit tray catering dallas

For Lunch Buffets or Dinner Buffets

If you have a guest count to support offering more than one salad per meal, consider adding fresh fruit as one of the salads to compliment the main portion of the meal. You might do 50% green salad, 50% fruit salad, depending on the guest mix. If, for example, your audience is mostly women, you can shift the fruit ratio a bit higher to 60% or even more.

Dessert Catering

Oh, the sweet ending of any meal doesn’t have to be chock full of calories. Mini fruit platters, bowls of fresh berries dusted with sugar, or topped with a light whipped topping can bring the celebration to an end just beautifully. Or, consider a couple pieces of fabulous fruit along with some dessert cheese which can be a refreshing change to the traditional heavy, calorie laden dessert. Especially in the prime summer months, fresh fruit may be more economical than some triple chocolate cake slice.

When you’re planning the menu, look and see what fruits are in your area that are in season and try to incorporate those into the menu.  Epicurious has a fun site to help you find what you’re looking for. Here's another site to visit to find out what fruits are in your area.

For more information on arranging fresh fruit, read: 5-Tips-for-Party-Platters-Catering

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