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4 Great Box Lunch Catering Ideas

Posted on Tue, Jun 5, 2012 @ 04:47 AM

It’s summer time! Temperatures are climbing, fresh fruits and vegetables are flourishing and picnics and BBQ’s are happening everywhere. The best corporate office catering companies incorporate these seasonal trends in their hot meal menus, banquet catering menus and even box lunch menus

Corporate box lunches can include some of these seasonal menu items too in a variety of ways.  Box lunch catering is so popular because they offer portion control, the fastest way to feed your group and, little to no-fuss catering.

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The typical box lunch is usually packed with a sandwich, chips and a cookie.  With fresh produce readily available, box lunches can now become a great Entrée Salad like a Cobb Salad, Chef Salad, Fried Chicken Salad or even a Stuffed Tomato filled with Tuna, Chicken or Shrimp salad.  Add a great garlic bread stick, roll, muffin or wheat crackers and you have a delightful, fresh and unique box lunch. Or, enjoy a scoop of tuna and chicken salad, surround it with some fresh melon, grapes or berries and you also have a very eye-appealing, fresh alternative to the sandwich.

 When you just have to have that favorite deli sandwich, try changing out the chips for a fresh fruit or vegetable salad, or, exchange that cookie for slices of fresh fruit or berries as a dessert. Ask for homemade flavored chips like Parmesan or Lemon Pepper Chips to replace that national brand bag of chips. Flat bread chips and your favorite dip like Mango Salsa or Herbed Veggie Dip is also a great substitute for those ordinary potato chips.

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Good caterers can also pack the boxes to include all your cold items, condiments and utensils, and then have a hot sandwich on the side. This is a great way to serve a grilled chicken sandwich, BBQ beef brisket sandwich, or even fried chicken. The hot food portion should be held at proper food temperatures, and to do so we recommend that item be wrapped in foil, kept hot in a chafer. When your guests arrive, they simply pick up their box with the cold food, grab the foil pouch and place on their box and away they’ll go with a complete meal! These are still easy to serve, offer portion control and now, a hot version of the box lunch is possible! 

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